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Team Chaos
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☪ Welcome!

Welcome to smlchaos! We are part of sailormoonland, an interactive community for fans of Sailormoon. If you would like to join, please go to sailormoonland and apply for a team.

☪ Chaos Reign!
Introducing your past and present Team Leaders in all their glory -- To a wonderful job well done and amazing reigns to come.

Battle IX
jojo_da_crow and sylvir

Battle VIII
xlionxlambx and darksilverhawk

Battle VII
rahenna and xlionxlambx

Battle VI
jpendizzle and sylvir

Battle V
bouncy_erbear and jpendizzle
jpendizzle and sylvir

Battle IV
bouncy_erbear and jojo_da_crow
bouncy_erbear and jpendizzle

Battle III
jojo_da_crow and joykilldrama
jojo_da_crow and sylvir

Battle II
joykilldrama and steffikitten

Battle I
pencil_gal and steffikitten

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